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Swansea Surveys has rapidly built an enormous reputation in many markets and, in particularly, throughout the GCC. The progressive vision of the region has enabled itself to become one of the most attractive locations around the world as it empowers many of the most innovative and inspirational projects in the market.

This vision and continued search for excellence has naturally lured projects of previously unthinkable scale and complexity to help shape the skyline, and this complexity has demanded participation of the greatest minds and the most skilled workforce.

Our Survey teams in the Gulf have been in the privileged position of selecting sites to work on, sharing experience and primarily to assist clients in solving challenges that are beyond the scope of many. Beholden to Swansea Surveys’ core values, the teams are heavily focused on active participation and leadership on behalf of our clients to aid in the smooth transition of the project towards completion. From the start we have a focus on ethics, integrity, and accountability, meaning that we hold full responsibility for the quality of our work. Why? Because we are proud of what our teams achieve.

Integrity underpins everything we do as a company, and we value the continued relationships that we hold with clients as we assist them on a local and regional level.

At short notice, Swansea Surveys can provide constructions sites with Survey teams for a variety of services, ranging from relatively standard procedures such as setting-out and As-Built surveys, to more detailed senior level services, like creating detailed reports, supervising survey teams, liaising with consultants and 3D scanning, ensuring a full-scale service across different projects.
Among the key work that our clients require of us, many of our projects are centered around Curtain walling, cladding, Glass envelope/ GRC, Bracket and panels, stick work, building surveys, Steel and concrete structures, as well as unique requests selected on a case by case basis.

We have deployed our surveyors to differing projects across the GCC, predominantly in the U.A.E, Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a focus on High-rise tower projects, Cultural icons, infrastructure and more. Our partnerships have been of immense value, and our presence will remain for many more exciting projects to come.

Our foothold has been strong in the Gulf thanks to collaborations with many of the most prominent developers, providing skilled surveyors to either assist in the continuation of a project, or to lead and manage teams from the front. Our Category A surveyors are the very best and pursue direct contact with the client to provide a 360-degree service.

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