teams to cover any need

The GCC has often been at the forefront of many of the great projects in the region and this has required a skilled workforce that is able to go above and beyond many of the traditional surveying practices.

At Swansea surveys we are no different. Having hand-crafted teams is vital to the success of all the projects we work on, and in providing this for our clients we know we can focus on four keys areas: saving time, saving money, reducing risk and enhancing worker safety.

The manpower Swansea Surveys provides to construction sites comes from all around the world and all of our colleagues are unique in their individual skillset whilst all well-accomplished when it comes to working as a collective.

Should you require manpower at short notice then Swansea Surveys is able to provide a range of surveyors to suit your requirements according to the way in which we determine our workers based on their competency levels. This ranges from Category C being the most junior among our team, Category B being highly competent, mid-level surveyors, and Category A which is made up of senior level surveyors who are very much defined by their management level experience, decision making capabilities and general consultancy provided to the client. To help facilitate in the speed and delivery of your projects, we can also provide with you experts in 3D scanning to generate a quicker, more accurate scan of the project, thus reducing the amount of manpower required overall.

Get in touch with us today to let us know which survey services you require, which skillsets you require, and we’ll find the right experts for your project.

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